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Our Practice Legacy

When Dr. Roe came to North Carolina in 2003 to assume the practice of Dr. Danny Lotz, he was stepping into a piece of Raleigh history. You see, this practice has been in continuous operation under the care and expertise of a succession of dentists, starting in the late 1800s!

Dr. Russell Sherril owned the practice until 1914, when he contracted tuberculosis. Dr. Henry Lineberger, Sr. took over for Dr. Sherril. Dr. Lineberger put aside his dental practice to serve his country in World War I, and returned in 1918, where he practiced dentistry until his passing in 1949. Dr. Siefert came and maintained the practice until Dr. Lineberger’s son, Henry, could come take over.

In 1954, Dr. Henry Lineberger, Jr. practiced alongside Dr. Siefert until Dr. Siefert left to start his own practice. As Dr. Lineberger’s practice grew, he knew he needed to add a partner. In 1962, he asked a skinny Air Force dentist that he knew from his days as a basketball player from Carolina, Danny Lotz, if he wanted to join the practice. Their partnership created a family-oriented dental practice that enjoyed a sterling reputation and many years of success. It has been Dr. Roe’s honor and privilege to carry on that legacy.